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Antoinette was getting help at home but it wasn’t enough.  She needed around the clock care.  She was in another facility prior to coming to Oak but did not have a good experience.  She likes it here and feels at home.  We are very happy at Oak Hollow.

– As told by Megan F., sponsor of Antoinette V., Resident

Our Residents love our food!  Really!

Oak Hollow's menus are coordinated with the seasons of the year as exampled by hearty meals and stews in the winter and lighter fare in the summer. Our food is cooked from scratch, our soups are homemade, and we roast our meats the "old fashioned" way.

Each resident is assessed by our registered dietitians on a regular basis to learn about their dietary preferences, to evaluate their nutritional needs and to learn about religious or ethnic dietary requirements. 

We meet with the residents on our menu committee to get their input as we develop our 3-week menu cycle.  Our residents enjoy summer barbecues outside on the patio.  We also offer special meals for holidays including Thanksgiving and Mother's Day, where families are invited to join us for food and festivities.

"Coffee Socials" are a big attraction at our facility.  Held daily, the socials bring a large gathering for all to enjoy.

  Food Services
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