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Adele A.

I came to Oak Hollow with very bad wounds and a wound infection. The wound care nurse is superior and cleared up my wounds.

Other facilities and vascular surgeons hadn’t helped me, and the Wound Care nurse at Oak Hollow was the first person in over 2 years to help me.

When I arrived at Oak Hollow I couldn’t get into a chair -- my legs were so weak. I can now get up by myself. My stamina and endurance are back up because of the rehab I received here.

Coming to Oak was the best thing that happened to me.

– As told by Adele A., Short Term Resident and Doctor of Chiropractic

The Bariatric Rehabilitation Program

Oak Hollow cares for residents with weights up to 450 pounds.  Residents come to our facility in need of short-term rehabilitation, subacute care for medical conditions, wound care after surgery, or reconditioning after a hospitalization or an illness.  Oak Hollow can also care for residents prior to or following bariatric surgery for post-acute rehabilitation and surgical wound care.

Oak Hollow’s program takes into consideration the unique physical and psychological needs of each patient.  Our facility has a modified environment and specialized equipment including blood pressure cuffs, scales, CPAP, walkers, wheelchairs, beds and mattresses.  We have special transfer equipment to enhance resident transfers and mobility. 

Most important is that our staff is trained on the physical and psychosocial needs to care for our bariatric patients. Bariatric patients are not isolated at Oak Hollow. They reside throughout the facility to lessen negative stereotypes. 

It is our goal to recondition our residents so they can redevelop effective transfer skills and become as mobile and independent as possible to perform activities of daily living and achieve quality of life.

Bariatric Program at Oak Hollow
 Specialized equipment to care for patients up to 450 pounds
 Medical care of the bariatric resident following illness or injury
 Rehabilitation (PT/OT)
 Pre-surgical care prior to bariatric surgeries
 Post-surgical care and wound care following bariatric surgery

Care for clinical conditions including:
Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, renal insufficiency or failure, Chronic obstructive lung disease, osteoarthritis of the knee, joint replacements, depression, hypothyroidism, cellulitis of the lower extremity, amputees, and pressure ulcers.


Bariatric Rehab   Bariatric Rehab
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