Respiratory Care Brings Quality of Life at Oak Hollow

When you have an illness or an emergency you might need to go to a hospital.  After you become stable, you might still need care.  Oak Hollow provides clinically complex care in an atmosphere that a person can call home and have a quality of life.  “When we get a resident that had a serious illness, we look at them as a whole person.  We work with the resident and their families to develop a plan of care to help them obtain a maximum quality of life, eliminate pain, and increase function.  We work to get them as independent as possible,” said Vilma Osborne, Administrator.

Residents with neurological and respiratory illnesses are an example of the type of a complex resident that needs a combination of services to recondition and regain a quality of life.  We recently met a young man Nathan, a resident at Oak Hollow, who had suffered a stroke.  Nathan was only 45 years old when he had the stroke.  He was in a hospital’s ICU for over a month, had surgery to address the bleed in his brain, and had an infection which required him to have a second surgery.  “When Nathan arrived at Oak he pretty much couldn’t do anything,” said Mrs. Terry, Nathan’s mom.  “He has come a long way.  The rehabilitation staff has been great.  The Physical Therapists have helped him get stronger, and the respiratory therapist was able to get him off the trach.  He now breathes on his own and has started walking with a cane.  Speech Therapy has helped him to communicate and eat real food, and Occupational Therapy has helped him be able to do things on his own again, like being able to dress and use the bathroom.  When a facility is chosen to care for a loved one it is important to look past the fanciness of a place.  As a nursing aide, I chose a facility based on the care they could provide.  The nursing staff at Oak Hollow has been excellent and I have been most pleased.  There are so many things we do every day that we take for granted and it is wonderful to see Nathan be able to do so much on his own, thanks to Oak Hollow,” she said.

Oak Hollow provides short term and long term care targeted for those with clinically complex illnesses, for example, people who have had a stroke or have other neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, people with cancer, those with renal failure, those who are paraplegic or quadriplegic, or people with respiratory illnesses (COPD, pneumonia) or tracheostomies.  Oak has a unique program that focuses on physical rehabilitation for bariatric residents up to 450 pounds.  They also help people recover and recondition after an illness or injury so they can go home.  Advanced services include peritoneal dialysis, IV therapy, wound care, and total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which is nutrition delivered by intravenous to prevent malnutrition in patients unable to obtain adequate nutrition by mouth or tube feeding.  Oak Hollow has an 80 bed unit that caters to those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

“Our motto is “Caring for you like family”, a philosophy which has evolved over 30 year history of our facility.  Many of our staff have worked at Oak for over 20 years and have developed strong, binding relationships with our residents and families.  We provide a home and an extended family to those we serve,” said Ms. Osborne.

Oak Hollow is located at 49 Oakcrest Avenue in Middle Island, New York.  For more information or a tour please call 631-924-8820 or visit