Resident Returns Home Following Bariatric Rehabilitation at Oak Hollow


With obesity a growing problem in the United States, Oak Hollow Nursing Center in Middle Island answers the needs of the members of our Community with their Bariatric Rehabilitation Program.  The program is not centered on weight loss, but provides sub acute medical services to Bariatric patients following an illness or injury.  Oak Hollow’s goal is to enable a resident to return to their home in the community.


Oak Hollow cares for residents with weights up to 450 pounds.  The facility has a modified environment and specialized equipment including blood pressure cuffs, scales, CPAP, walkers, wheelchairs, beds and mattresses.  Oak Hollow also has special transfer equipment to enhance resident transfers and mobility. 


Some conditions cared for in the Bariatric program include: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, renal insufficiency or failure, chronic obstructive lung disease, osteoarthritis of the knee, joint replacements, depression, hypothyroidism, cellulitis of the lower extremity, amputees and pressure ulcers or skin wounds.  “A unique service provided at Oak Hollow is to address the needs of Bariatric residents before they go for gastric bypass surgery or after they have had gastric bypass surgery”, notes Glenford Nixon, MD, Medical Director at Oak Hollow.  “A Bariatric patient may need to recondition themselves to rebuild strength and stamina in our physical therapy department, or a wound or other health issue might need to be addressed in order for them to prepare or following the gastric bypass procedure.  Oak Hollow is uniquely qualified to handle this type of resident,“ said Dr. Nixon. 


Additionally, Oak Hollow’s staff is trained on the physical and psychosocial needs of the Bariatric residents cared for at the facility.  Bariatric residents are not isolated at Oak Hollow and reside throughout the facility to lessen negative stereotypes, and all residents at Oak are encouraged to participate in the wide range of activities and events that take place daily at the facility.


Adele A., a short-term resident at Oak Hollow told us that when she came to Oak Hollow she had very bad wounds, a wound infection, and couldn’t get into a chair because her legs were so weak.  “I can now get up by myself.  My stamina and endurance are back up because of the rehab I received here”, said Adele.  Adele’s wounds were cleared up, and because she regained independence through therapy, she was able to return home.  “Coming to Oak was the best thing that happened to me,” she said.


Oak Hollow is located at 49 Oakcrest Avenue in Middle Island and has been providing nursing care to the residents in our community for over 30 years.  Oak provides clinically complex sub acute medical care for short-term or long-term residents.  Services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, TPN, IV Therapy, Parenteral Nutrition, Hospice and Respite care.  The facility features an 80 bed Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit.  For more a complete list of services, additional information or a tour please call 631-924-8820 or visit